NTL Ranking System

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NTL Ranking System

Post by TG Free-ak on Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:06 am

if you want to come into our clan you shall talk to Papercut or Dacul .They lead the clan and tell your rank to you.

if you can do DFA, your rank is: J1
if you can attack with basic yellow combos, your rank is J2
if you can do basic ADBS, your rank shall be: J3

those are jedi ranks

Now: if you learn NTL-s mantality, got peace in your mind, and groovyness, and want to teach new players the skills you learned, and you are an active spammer on forums, and an active clanmember, u can be promoted to:

T1- teacher
T2- CTF teacher

Next: if you are a good player who wants to protect NTL-s ideals, and you are a good willed noob defender, you can get:

O1,O2,O3 - owner ranks

If you are not sure in something: Ask: Papercut or Dacul

with love: Free-ak Smile
TG Free-ak
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