Read this before writing an Application or a recommandation :)

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Read this before writing an Application or a recommandation :)

Post by TG Free-ak on Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:42 am

Okkay now there are some unwritten rules in NTL what i will try to write now. Shocked

If you come into NTL you shall know, we are the NOOB TRAINING LAYER. We train noobs, thats the ideal of the clan.

We dont lame others. Lame only when u know well the other player u are laming, and u know he will laugh at it, becouse its: GROOVY

Never interrupt a duel. Its rly annoying, when someone is matching, and u get in the way.

Dont gang. Gang only when its funny or ok for the player u are ganging Smile

Respect the elders. There are some really old players who play that game for a decade. They dont like when some new player starts to be cocky Smile

Be Groovy!

and the most important clan rule: HAVE FUN!

Also, we'd like to know some personal details,

How Long have u been playing jk2;
Favorable gametypes;
Previous Clans;
Xfire nickname; ( download it here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )
Hamachi nickname
And least but certainly not least,;
Why should we recruit you? ( or if your posting a recommandation 'why we should recruit him/her' )

In game talk with: Papercut or Dacul

peace : Free-aK

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